1. Dreams II

    Yesterday, April 11th, 2014, I was heading into the city. I’ve been feeling rather under the weather thanks to the effects of a head cold, so dozing off on the F train between Roosevelt Island and 63rd street was inevitable.

    The sounds of the train car shrieking through the tunnel invaded me. At first it sounded like an angelic choir, but slowly became the haunting screams of people in agony. I found myself standing in an old Elizabethan room, decorated in turquoise. Across from me was a woman, who approached me aggressively. She began to speak to me about spiritual possession, but I couldn’t hear her clearly over the screaming. I could barely even hear myself trying to speak to her.

    Her image dissolved into smoke after announcements came on the loudspeaker and the train came to a halt.


  2. Artist: NOÛS


  3. So I made some noise under the name SPIRAL JAWBONES and got excited about it, so I created artwork for it, too. I need to do a few more tracks for it to be -complete-, but, yeah. There you go. Suck it.

  4. Artist: Lil Ugly Mane
    Album: Prelude to Panopticon
    Title: On Doing an Evil Deed Blues

    I cannot get over how excellent this is.

  5. I’m Inside - © S. Wilson - 2014

  6. Staring From Within My Bones - © S. Wilson - 2014


    New art coming soon. Currently finishing up an illustration for a tape, working on some personal illustrations, portraits and also a few exciting new things coming down the pipe (which are relatively hush hush at the moment). Things that I am currently looking into include getting prints of my work sorted, finally traversing that portal into making silk screened art, and setting up an online store to sell originals, extra copies of releases I am featured in and so on and so forth.

    In case you haven’t seen my postings about it, I created a logo for the band Secret Admirer, comprised of friends Andrew, Matt and Heinali. Look forward to a release from them this spring. I SAID LOOK FORWARD TO IT.

    The final few shirts from Sutekh Hexen are available through the Magic Bullet store on Shirts and Destroy, featuring designs from myself, Si Clark and Brian VDP. Get on it.

    Also! Be on the look out for the next Bacteria zine from VIRAL GRAPHICS, where I will be featured alongside some incredibly talented artists. It will have a small collection of my illustrations and a few interview questions related to my creative process and personal philosophies.

    A window into my myriad neuroses, perhaps.


  8. lionsjawbone:

    Secret Admirer
    Wine Stains Milk Skin

    A collaboration between myself, my good friend Matt Finney, and musical wizard Heinali. This will be our first release, we’re aiming to have it available online in May and are looking at the possibility of a physical release. The cover is my design, featuring a detail of an Audrey Hepburn portrait, and of course, the gorgeous logo from Unknown Relic.

  9. And when my self left, who remained within?


  10. And would you pay him fealty? Would you praise the blighted ground he walks upon? Would you genuflect before his rotten altar and worship the coming of fevers?

  11. Gray Aeons Above - © S. Wilson - 2014

  12. The Watchers are Being Watched - © S. Wilson - 2014

  13. Empty -  © S. Wilson - 2014

  14. The Glory of the Lion - © S. Wilson - 2014

  15. Empty Tombs -  © S. Wilson - 2014