1. Empty Tombs -  © S. Wilson - 2014

  2. Spirit Watchers -  © S. Wilson - 2014

  3. Logo for the band Secret Admirer.

  4. He Beheld His Crown of Earth and Bone - © S. Wilson - 2014

  5. Autoroot - 2009
    2ft x 4ft - Acrylic ink on wood

    For sale - $250 - Local pickup only (Queens/Nassau County, NY) - If you’re interested and live in the area, feel free to get in touch at blackuroborus@gmail.com.






  10. A track I have been dreaming about for a good year. Still very much a work in progress.

  11. Looking at older artwork is really strange. It’s interesting to see the trajectory I was on versus the trajectory I am on now. One thing is for certain, I could really do with some life drawing these days.

    A second thing is that, shit, I wasn’t that bad at the whole concept art thing (as indicated by the valkyries I was drawing at the time). I used to want to work for companies designing video games. But, somewhere down the road I started consuming more music and that alone sent me on a completely different path.

    Third thing is that I always painted models from behind because I could never get their faces right. I should also start bringing more color back into the mix. I wonder what 22 year old me would think about the art I’m making now.

    Not that it matters, of course.

  12. Spectre V - Silence - © S. Wilson - 2014

    A midnight sketch produced this. My previous streak of getting work done kind of tapered off due to some personal events getting in the way, and this is very much a piece done to work my way back into that. It would appear the D.F.K./A.O.S. influence is REALLY strong here, too. Suppose it could be worse, eh?

    Pastel pencils on black paper.


  13. Artist: Primitive Man
    Album: P//M
    Title: Decline

  14. Elsewhere Everywhere Else. -  © S. Wilson - 2014

  15. Our arms reach upward in vain with the delusion that there was anything there in the first place. -  © S. Wilson - 2014